We offer the option to buy art and antiquities to interested individuals on multiple occasions every year. You find various arts from different epochs, like paintings, prints, aquarelles, drawings, photographs, miniatures, and sculptures. We also sell Asian and African art. Sometimes archaeological objects from different cultures. You find a great selection of porcelain, ceramics, glass, watches, jewelry, and silver. We offer items from Art Nouveau, military and studentic objects or design. Every auction present also furniture, carpets, icons, books, toys, and curiosities for buying. Sometimes a selection of wine and Spirituosen complete the auctions.

Before the auction

If we arouse your interest please do not hesitate to join our next auction. 

Every lot of an auction is represented by photo and a subscribing text in a catalogue.  Around three weeks before the auction the catalogue can be seen at our web page, as well at the web page of our partner lot-tissimo. A printed version of the catalogue is also available if need be. 

A week before the auction you can have a look to the lots to sell. In our premises we present all items in a nice environment. If you cannot join the exhibition we can send you additional photos and a detailed description. 

If you like we can register you as a bidder. You can participate in person at our premises during the auction. You can give us a list of items with your bids. For this please fill out our “Form for absente Bidders”. In addition you can be called during the auction or participate live in the Internet. 

For a registration as a bidder please fill out our Form and send it back to us via email, fax, or post. We need your Name, full address, email-address or phone number. 

You can also register yourself via lot-tissimo as a telephone bidder, make a bid by writing or log in for live bidding.

With your registration you confirm our auction conditions.

The Auction

 Every auction is open for everybody and takes place at our premises. You also can watch our auctions live via lot-tissimo. The auctioneer will call each lot during the auction. The limit you find in the catalogue is also the price the lot is called. Normally the bidding goes in 10-percent-steps. Bids by writing, registration for telephone bidding, also for live bidding should be made at least 24 hours before the auction. We cannot guarantee a registration afterwards. 

After the Auction

Every bidder with a winning lot gets the invoice some days after the auction via email or post. The invoice displays the winning price, taxes and our commission fee. If you bid as a live bidder you find also the additional 3 percent for live-bidding on your invoice. Further you find packaging and shipping costs at your invoice. If the buyer pays the whole price the shipping is approved. We will pack your treasures with care and send the package as soon as possible. Please notice, the transport, and the risk for damage, or lost are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Post-auction sale

All lots witch are not sold during the auction can be bought to the limit plus commission, and tax fees. The post-auction sale begins after the auction and ends four weeks after this. Bids lower the limit will be looked after, but only past these four weeks.