You like to sell art or antiquities, or inherited items, or resolve your collection? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit us at our premises, or contact us via email or telephone. You can consult us, if you like to know the market value of your treasures.

For a first impression you can send us some photos of your items to sell before you visit us. If need be we can arrange an appointment so we can look over your collection.

The auction house and the seller make a auction contract for the items to sell. Both sides agree to the limit price for each object in the contract. If an item is sold, the seller gets the hammer price minus the commission.

Direct sale

Sometimes a Seller do not want to wait for an auction. If it is requested we offer a direct sale in some cases. So the auction house buys the offered goods directly.


If required we give you an expertise. For an approximately valuation you can visit us with your items. If you need a written down expertise we charge this with a moderate fee.